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JASA Classic Soccer

A Classic Soccer Experience Sponsored by the Jacksonville Area Soccer Association (JASA)

Welcome to Jacksonville Area Soccer Association Classic Soccer! JASA Classic Soccer is an endeavor to provide the greater Jacksonville and Onslow County area with a quality and affordable Classic Soccer experience. This program will be led by a professional, experienced Director of Coaching (DOC) and a committee of dedicated volunteers. Teams will be coached by a qualified, experienced staff of volunteers and paid coaches, many of whom have college or professional playing experience, coach local high schools and middle schools or have been involved in the game purely for the enjoyment of coaching.

The following are answers to many of the questions that come up regarding Classic

1. What exactly is Classic Soccer?

Classic Soccer is the highest level of play with regard to youth soccer in the state of North Carolina. Youth soccer in North Carolina is broken down into 3 levels, these are Recreational, Challenge and Classic with Classic being the most competitive. All three levels are sanctioned by the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA), which is governed by United States Youth Soccer (USYS). All players wishing to participate in Classic soccer must attend an annual, open try-out, regardless of whether returning to a team or not.

2. How much travel is involved with Classic soccer?

It is true that some travel is required to play in the NCYSA Classic League. For all age groups, U11 through U18, the classic league is separated into divisions. There is Second Division, First Division and Premier (Premier only applies to U14 and above). Within the First and Second divisions the state divides into regions, East, Piedmont and West. JASA teams will participate in the East region. The East Region usually extends from Jacksonville north to Chapel Hill, south to Wilmington, and west to Fayetteville. Occasionally, Burlington or Greensboro is thrown into the mix depending on the number of teams in a division or age group. Each season the game schedule, which is completed by the coach or manager, should consist of an even number of home and away games with reciprocating games from season to season. (ex: You travel to Raleigh in the Fall and Raleigh travels to you in the Spring). It is also expected that Classic teams will travel to approximately 2 tournaments each season to be determined by the teams and the DOC.

3. What does it cost to play Classic Soccer

It is our goal with JASA teams to provide a competitive Classic soccer experience at a very reasonable cost. Team fees have been developed with the family in mind. The fees represent a very low overhead while including quality instruction by a dedicated staff.

4. If my child plays Classic soccer can he/she play other sports?

ABSOLUTELY! We will not attempt to force children to make one sport their choice, especially in the younger age groups. It may be recommended by the coach that a High School age player consider focusing on one sport if the player has an interest in playing in college. However, there is a commitment that is made to the team, the coach and the players themselves if they try out for and make a JASA Classic team.

5. What is the commitment with JASA Classic soccer teams?

All teams will train two times a week with games to be played on Saturdays and/or Sundays. A minimum of two tournaments will be attended by all JASA Classic teams as well. IF A PLAYER MAKES AND ACCEPTS A SPOT ON A JASA CLASSIC TEAM, IT IS EXPECTED THAT THE PLAYER WILL ATTEND ALL TEAM FUNCTIONS WHEN POSSIBLE. There are exceptions (of course) to be handled at the team level. The playing season for Fall is August to November, Spring is February to May. Each player and family will receive a player/parent commitment form when they register that will provide the general expectations of each family.

6. Is there guaranteed playing time in Classic soccer?

There is no guarantee of playing time in Classic soccer. However, the DOC feels very strongly that the game itself is the best teacher, especially at the U11 and U12 age groups. There will be some circumstances that may increase or decrease any individual’s playing time such as attendance, attitude and work rate etc…

7. Why should my child play Classic soccer when he/she is the best player on a good challenge/recreation team?

Classic soccer will open doors to each player that they do not have access to in Challenge or Recreation. Exposure to a different level of coaching is just a start. Classic players are challenged each week by playing against the best players in their respective age groups from all over the state. Playing against better competition week in and week out, will only improve the individual and the team effort. Hopefully this answers many of the questions that parents and players may have about Classic soccer and the JASA Classic experience. We know there will be other questions, so feel free to contact us. We are always available to provide any assistance that may be needed. Please note the DOC contact information. Below are links to assorted websites that may also be of further help!

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