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May, 2020

JASA COVID-19 Updates

JASA COVID-19 Updates

Good afternoon,

I hope this update finds you and your families well. The Covid-19 epidemic has created quite a unique situation that is unparalled. As soccer families, our members have had to put our athletes on hold as guidelines and return to play rules have been established by our governing bodies. These bodies dictate to the local clubs recommendations so that all of us can return to some resemblance of normalcy concerning soccer and all activities surrounding it. Both our local clubs and our governing bodies have had to make some hard decisions concerning Spring play. Unfortunately, one of those decisions, was to cancel the Spring Seasonal Games for all levels of play.

Once this decision was made, our executive board reached out to many of our members to determine our next steps, as we return to play and training. We also had an obligation to wait until the Governor established a clearer timeline on what we would be able to do on and off the field. As phase 2 was announced earlier this week, beginning today at 5 pm, we are now able to give you some guide lines on what we will be offering over the next month/month and a half. So we will begin with some dates:

On June 1st we will return for our classic and academy teams to training. Our coaches may separate into smaller groups per area, and we ask that parents do not congregate on the fields. This is training and respecting the guide lines issued to us from our governing bodies is extremely important for not only the health of your athlete, but coaches and administrators. Please contact your coaches and managers for times and days of your training sessions.

On May 24th the coaches list will be published for the 2020-2021 soccer season. These will be the coaches of the teams, barring any unforeseeable necessary change. A lot of thought, questions, and inquiries were made to come up with these decisions. Our Director of Coaching, Vice President of Classic have labored for many hours concerning choices. If you have any questions about the selections, please email either of them and give them a few business days to respond.

On June 15th we will begin tryouts for the up coming 2020-2021 soccer season. The week of the 8th-12th of June, you will receive the actual time slots for teams. As most teams will be practicing already, please do not mistake those teams as next years teams. You will need to register your athlete for their perspective tryout. All tryouts will be concluded by the evening of the 24th and we will look to commit players quickly for the following year.

For our Classic and Academy players, we will make up training as before stated, through the month of June. Our teams, coaches, and players are anxiously awaiting the sessions to open. If you will be unable to return to your teams, whether by choice, timeline, or military orders, please feel free to send an email to either Rob or Cam as soon as possible. As with all E-mails, please give adequate time to respond. (3 to 6 Business Days)

To our Recreational families, some decisions were made to help you through this epidemic. Each level of play had quite a different experience this year because of the Covid-19 epidemic. As recreational soccer is divided into our in house program, and Eastern Carolina Soccer Association, we have had to adhere to what their plans were also. As we made decisions to help you plan your next year, it was evident for this level of play that credits needed to be issued. With no additional training and many teams not practicing at all, decisions were made based on these factors. Administration fees and registration fees, unfortunately with all level of play, are non refundable to us from our governing bodies. Based on what is left, the executive boards of Jasa have decided to give credits to our recreational families to be applied to your next soccer season. During our in person registrations, Dicks Sporting Goods and Jasa offices, these credits will be applied. The flowing is a break down based on age:

Our U4-U6s will receive a 30.00 credit for the fall season

Our U7s-U8s will receive a 40.00 credit for the fall season

Our U9s and above will receive a 25.00 credit for the fall season

As no one could predict this epidemic, this has been a very unique situation. Please understand many factors were discussed, and thoroughly debated before these decisions were made. Some of our Recreational parents may have questions, please feel free to email our Vice President of Recreation. As with all emails, please allow adequate time to respond. (3 to 6 Business Days) Our onsite registration will begin the weekend of July 11th and we will be communicating other dates as they are finalized.

Both Jamie Askins and myself will be available to answer any and all remaining questions after your perspective Vice Presidents have had a chance to respond. On behalf of Jasa and all of our coaches, admin and members, I hope and pray good health and a return to some sort of normalcy.

Thank you and God bless,

JASA Soccer club

President Samuel Duran [email protected]
Vice President Jamie Askins [email protected]
Vice President of Classic Rob Bean [email protected]
Vice President of Recreation John Phillips [email protected]
Director of Coaching Cam Ormsby [email protected]


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