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Schedules Updated 9/11/2023

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SPARK for Ages U4 thru U7
The SPARK (Soccer Principles & Ready Kids) Program was first introduced in the Fall of 1996 with the formation of 16 JASA teams. This
program is a subdivision of the overall Recreation Program and is designed to teach players, parents and coaches the game of soccer in an
environment of fun, sportsmanship and teamwork. The SPARK Program provides a micro soccer program for U4 (players under four years old)
and U5 (players under five years old) and U6 (players under six years old) and U7 (players under seven years old) All age groups are coed.
Program Goals:
  • To create a recreational soccer program that will develop the basic skills of our youngest players in an environment of fun, competition, and sportsmanship.
  • To develop a player's basic soccer skills of dribbling, passing, shooting and collecting.
  • To provide game situation opportunities that allow each player significantly more "touches" on the soccer ball than large sided games.
  • To foster a love affair with the game of soccer by increasing active athletic participation.
  • To develop sportsmanship, teamwork and responsibility in an atmosphere of fun.
  • To increase parent understanding of soccer rules and game play.
  • To identify and mentor prospective leaders and coaches by increasing parent involvement.
SPARK (Soccer Principles and Ready Kids) is a program that offers the following advantages:
For U4 thru U7 children:
  • Smaller size ball (#3), field and shorter game times to suit the size and age of players.
  • Fewer number of players on the field at a time which helps prevent bunching-up. This keeps the ball in the open more and gives players more opportunities to use both ball control and judgment skills.
  • Players with less skill get more help at practice and games since there are fewer players for the coach to teach soccer skills,
  • teamwork, plays and also keep under control.
For Parents & Coaches:
  • Fewer children to work with at practices and games, therefore the coach can become much more familiar with each player.
  • Easier to substitute players and provide each player more playing time.
  • Coaches get to help all players on all teams become better players, therefore helping take away the winning at all cost attitude.
  • Simple game to understand.
  • Encourages everyone to cheer for all teams and good play, therefore promoting better sportsmanship.
  • Smaller numbers of players on each team, therefore entices more parents to coach.
  • Costs for goals, marking fields and referees is lower.
  • SPARK rules emphasize sportsmanship which helps make the game more enjoyable for everyone, especially for the player.
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